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The Deer population in Sussex has increased at an alarming rate over the past decade, Damage to Crops, Forestry, Orchards and Gardens, has reached unacceptable levels, Deer Related Road traffic accident are an everyday occurrence and lives are lost in Sussex each year, One hotspot being Royal Ashdown Forest, where the deer are not controlled.

It is a sad fact that with no natural enemies, deer levels must be kept under control and the most humane method is a well placed shot from a high powered rifle,

If you are having problems with deer damage on your land we can help, a quick email to [email protected] or call us and we will visit you at your convenience and access the situation, We normally shoot morning and evening using sound moderators to keep noise pollution to a minimum and depending on the terrain we my need to erect high seats to ensure safe backstops.

We make no charge for our services as we sell the carcasses to local game dealers to recover our expenses.

We also provide the landowner with venison on request.

We can supply references from satisfied clients